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Pangaea: Common Misconceptions

Nikola Kostadinovski & Damian Pang | 29 November 2021 Wild Imaginations Pangaea often evokes wild imaginations of a circular ancient land littered with volcanoes and ancient ferns, where dinosaurs roamed. Much of this is not actually true. Here, we address some common misconceptions about Pangaea. Shape Pangaea is often depicted as roughly circular or rectangular, […]


Pangaea: The Last Supercontinent

Nikola Kostadinovski & Damian Pang | 18 November 2021 A Radically New Idea Our planet’s surface shows an extraordinary diversity ranging from icy mountain peaks to rocky shores, and sandy deserts. Land is split up into the several large landmasses that we now consider continents as well as a multitude of islands1. It is not […]


What are Supercontinents?

Tatjana Somer & Damian Pang | 16 December 2021 A Broken-Up Jigsaw-Puzzle? Almost 500 years ago the Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598) observed in his work Thesaurus Geographicus (1596) that the coastlines of the continents across the Atlantic seem to match up1. Many other geographers have picked up on this idea over the centuries, but […]

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