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Sirius Technology

We are a young company based in Switzerland that aims to use technology for good.

Purpose Driven Products

We create products that trigger curiosity, foster learning, and offer practical solutions that improve lives. Our products are driven by a clear purpose, which enables us to create lasting works that have a positive impact on everyone who uses them.

Having a Positive Impact

We are here for good, lifting up and empowering our customers, employees, suppliers, and everyone else in our sphere of influence. For us, being here for good means build an organisation that effects lasting change that makes this world a better place.

Sirius Geography

Get to know your world!

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Geography affects every aspect of our lives from where we live to the food we eat. It impacts our health, wealth, and politics through intricate connections and interactions between people and their environments across places and spaces on earth.

Sirius Geography breaks down this complexity through entertaining games and informative articles and teaching modules. Whether you want to learn about continental drift and the layers of the earth, about rivers in Asia or mountain ranges in Africa, countries, cities, flags, or economic output, Sirius Geography will widen your horizons and help you understand our amazing world!

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